Berg Is Sad


Although I kinda knew this, the confirmation has left me sad…

Comedian Ricky Gervais will make a final Christmas special episode of TV hit Extras before axing the show, according to reports. The Emmy-winning creator of The Office is determined not to risk the failure of a poor third series, and would rather move onto new projects. The insider tells British newspaper The Sun, “There had been reports that Ricky was going to go ahead with a third series of Extras. But he is firmly of the opinion that third series are rarely a success and has decided to quit while he’s ahead. When he said goodbye to The Office with a two-part Christmas special, it was a smash hit both in the ratings and critically, so he’s decided to do that again. He’s loved making the series and there are tons more A-list stars who want to appear. But Ricky has lots of other things he wants to do and feels this is the right timing.”

…but then this made me happy again…

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  1. Junky4Gervais says:

    I fucking love this man.  He’s my new hero, and has been since The Office.  I’m so desperate to get my hands on his old radio and tv stuff from the UK, when he used to be a BORAT type personality who would do outrageous interviews with unsuspecting celebrity and political guests. 

    Sad that he’s bailing on the third series but could not respect the decision more.  It’s what Seinfeld did wrong and what Larry Sanders did right.

    Can’t wait for his next series



    If you want a ricky fix go to the amazon uk site and pick up his concert films (some of which might be out on american dvd by now).  “Animals” (my favorite) and “Politics”.