The Grudge 2 Is A Horrible Film

Yep, I know I’m late to this party, but as I recently rented this on
DVD, wanted to share my hate. I enjoyed the first film; sure, it had
its quirks and problems, but overall, not bad and slightly sensical for
what’s turned out to be a slew of nonsensical Japanese crap. This film
is no exception to the latter, and what’s equally confusing is why the
Netflix DVD mailer goes on and on about a television documentary crew
that’s investigating “GrudgeHouse”, when there’s no such entity in the
film. Worse, there are THREE different storylines all going on that
involve meowing, naked children or stuttering, stumbling ghost women
that make no sense… and to top it all off, the film opens with a scene
that has no bearing on the rest of the film until maybe an hour in, and
by that point, you’re completely detached so who gives a grudge?

Unfortunately, this flick made money, so I’m sure we’ll see a third,
though if we’re lucky it will go direct to DVD and be avoided.