John Lasseter is my GOD.

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Here i am. Since we started shooting season two of G the B my life has been a nonstop chaotic streak of non-sleep, bad eating and hardly any time for anything else in between. Dirty Clothes have overtaken the Tiki Room along with Comic-con freebies. I haven’t even seen Clerks 2 yet. Or Monster House again. So much catching up to do on here. I know.


This…. could NOT WAIT. The rumors have become reality.


From the Hollywood Reporter…

As he has repeatedly promised, John Lasseter will revive traditional hand-drawn (“2-D”) animation at the Walt Disney Co. with a feature titled The Frog Princess. The studio said Wednesday that directors Ron Clements and John Musker, whose credits include such hits as The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, and the flop, Treasure Planet, will return to direct the Princess movie, based on a Russian fairy tale. Daily Variety also reported that Alan Menken is working on the music for the movie and that it will have the kind of “Broadway style” for which Menken’s earlier Disney films have been famous.

Tonight. Tonight a Berg will sleep with a smile on his face.