Play Toy Story Mania at Home in 3-D!


Two of Disney’s upcoming games, G-Force and Toy Story Mania!, will come packaged with two sets of 3-D glasses for the game, and not those crappy red and blues. I had an opportunity to play both games at a Disney event back in May, and then again at E3. Toy Story Mania especially is interesting because it’s an adaptation of the ride, so it needs to both capture the essence of the experience but do something more than a 5 minute ride can do. So far, I’ve been impressed and now that it’s official that the games will come with glasses, it makes them all the more special. G-Force comes out on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of July, while we have to wait until fall for Toy Story Mania, exclusively on Wii.

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  1. andriana says:

    Toy Story was one of the first movies to be done completely in CGI. That is why toys were used for the plot, because they could be solid colors, and look plasticy (not realistic). So I think it being rereleased in 3D is a kind of reminder to how far computer graphics have gone in movies.. I think it’s a great idea!.