WALL*E Extended Trailer – WHOA!


As The Alathal put it, “Wa-AWE-Leeeee”

Click Here For ~Chills~


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  1. Fat Ass says:

    Boy, I really don’t see it yet.

    I mean, there’s no Wilson brother voice in it, so it’s already better than Cars, but none of the marketing has been able to sell me on this one. For me, personally, these guys have had a couple duds in a row. Finding Nemo has gotta be in my top 20 of all time, but the more I see of this, the more I’m looking forward to Toy Story 3…

  2. Junktape says:

    Boy, to me – this is exactly what these kinds of movies need to be.  Far out, removed from reality, stuff you can only see in this way.  Not cars or bugs or things from our world – but stories and tales told from unique perspectives and strange worlds. 

    Very human, emotional themes but told through completely alien characters.  What a wonderful, inspired world – full of interesting design and (already) a good deal of inspired character and emotion.

    I can tell already that this might be their best film yet.  They’ve been experimenting in this direction for so long and now they’re FREE of the conventional shackles.  I hope they are rewarded for it, I really do.  This could really help to change the way studios think about packaging blockbusters.  At least for kids. 

    Kids movies always try to be smarter – in fact they’re usually a lot more clever than popcorn movies for adults.  (Zathura being a standout, also Monster House) — but the the best ones often slip through the cracks.

    I hope Wall-E kicks ass.  It should be said, that before this preview, I did not really care at all about this movie, other than being curious since I am generally a fan of Pixar.  But man, did this earn my respect.


  3. Fat Ass says:

    I take back the couple duds thing. I like Ratatouille, I just forgot about it. And that’s not a good thing.

    This movie looks to me like a wannabe tear jerker with a constantly whining robot that screams HOLY SHIT LOOK HOW CUTE I AM YOU HAVE TO GO BUY 10 PRODUCTS WITH MY LIKENESS OR KITTENS WILL DIE.

    But I’m a bastard. Maybe Johnny 5 will deliver and it’ll be so good I’ll regret being cynical.

  4. Junktape says:

    I’ll give you this – you are indeed a bastard.