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Terry Matalas to Update Cult Sci-Fi Hit ‘Enemy Mine’ for 20th Century

Terry Matalas, acclaimed for his work on “Star Trek: Picard,” has been selected to write a modern version of the cult-favorite sci-fi film “Enemy Mine.” The story, which revolves around two enemies from different worlds who must work together to survive, initially struggled at the box office but later gained a devoted following for its themes of tolerance. Matalas’ success in the sci-fi genre, particularly with “Picard,” has earned him recognition and acclaim, leading

Maze Runner Franchise Reboot: Continuation with Fresh Elements

20th Century Studios is gearing up to reboot the popular “Maze Runner” series, which originally spanned a trilogy released between 2014 and 2018. The studio has enlisted Jack Paglen, known for his work on “Transcendence” and “Alien: Covenant,” to write the new installment. The reboot will see the return of the original producers and director Wes Ball in production roles, aiming to continue the story with fresh elements. The approach taken by 20th