Maze Runner Franchise Reboot: Continuation with Fresh Elements


– 20th Century Studios is rebooting “The Maze Runner” series, which originally spanned a trilogy from 2014 to 2018, with Jack Paglen in negotiations to write the new installment.
– The original producers and director Wes Ball will return in production roles for the reboot, which aims to be a continuation of the story with fresh elements, parallel to the strategy for the new “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.”

The cinematic landscape is set to welcome back the adrenaline-fueled world of “The Maze Runner,” as 20th Century Studios prepares to reboot the acclaimed sci-fi action-adventure series. Originally released as a trilogy between 2014 and 2018, the franchise captivated audiences with its thrilling plot and dystopian themes.

In an effort to breathe new life into this dynamic narrative, 20th Century Studios is in the midst of recruiting Jack Paglen, who established his credentials through his work on the thought-provoking film “Transcendence,” to spearhead the writing for the latest addition to the series. With a reputation for weaving complex science fiction stories, Paglen is deemed a fitting candidate to revitalize the saga for both returning fans and new audiences alike.

The original producers, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Lee Stollman of Gotham Group, along with Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen of Temple Hill, are joining forces once again to produce the new chapter in the “Maze Runner” legend. Notably, Wes Ball, the visionary director of the entire original trilogy, while not returning to the director’s chair, will continue his involvement with the franchise as a producer.

Drawing from the best-selling books by James Dashner, “The Maze Runner” series introduced readers and viewers to an enigmatic walled expanse known as the Glade, where a cohort of teens, bereft of their memories, faced the challenge of a labyrinth teeming with mechanical horrors and doors that promised safety only until nightfall. The narrative arc of the films expanded the confined setting of the Glade to reveal a larger, more perilous dystopian world dominated by malevolent organizations and corporations.

Sources assert that the reinvigorated installment will not retrace the steps of the original narrative, nor act as a direct sequel. While it aims to recapture the elements that resonated powerfully with the audience and contributed to the success of the first film, the intention is to forge ahead with a fresh angle on the story. The allure of the original film was undeniable; produced on a modest million budget, it managed to amass a whopping 8 million globally.

This approach mirrors the strategy employed by 20th Century Studios with another reimagined franchise, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” coincidentally under the direction of Wes Ball. With “Kingdom,” the studio is crafting an Apes narrative that does not retell previous films from either the 2010s reboot or the original classics from the ’60s and ’70s, instead opting for a tale of new characters placed generations beyond the preceding film’s events.

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Paglen’s writing portfolio extends beyond transhumanist sci-fi scripts to include his contributions to the chilling “Alien: Covenant,” the latest installment of the iconic Alien franchise helmed by Ridley Scott. Paglen also ventured into television production with Netflix’s “Magic Order,” an adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic.

Represented by CAA and the law firm Lichter Grossman, Jack Paglen’s foray into the “Maze Runner” world is highly anticipated by both industry insiders and sci-fi aficionados. The stage is set for an invigorating chapter that aims to catapult “The Maze Runner” franchise into a new era, rekindling the spirit of survival and exploration that captivated audiences while charting an entirely novel course through the treacherous mazes of the human imagination.


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