Terry Matalas to Update Cult Sci-Fi Hit ‘Enemy Mine’ for 20th Century


– Terry Matalas, recognized for his successful work on Star Trek: Picard, has been selected to write a modern version of the 1985 sci-fi film Enemy Mine for 20th Century Studios.
– Enemy Mine, a story of two enemies from different worlds who must cooperate to survive, initially struggled at the box office but later gained a cult following for its themes of tolerance.

Terry Matalas to Update Cult Sci-Fi Hit ‘Enemy Mine’ for 20th Century

Terry Matalas, renowned for his remarkable work as the showrunner of “Star Trek: Picard,” has embarked on a new venture that promises to reignite the classic narrative of “Enemy Mine,” a cult favorite from 1985. His trajectory in the realm of science fiction has been striking—guiding “Picard” to soar to previously unreached accomplishments in both viewer numbers and critical acclaim. Now, 20th Century Studios has set their sights on his creative talents, entrusting him with the task of reinvigorating the beloved sci-fi tale for contemporary audiences.

“Enemy Mine,” set against the backdrop of an interstellar conflict between humanity and an alien reptilian race, starred Dennis Quaid as a human pilot and Louis Gossett Jr. as an alien. Stranded on a barren planet, the characters’ journey from deep-rooted enmity to mutual respect and cooperation resonates with the timeless themes of overcoming prejudice and finding common ground against the odds. Their evolving relationship takes a poignant twist when the human is left to care for an alien offspring, expanding the narrative beyond survival to encompass themes of family and unity.

Initially directed by Wolfgang Petersen in his English-language film debut, “Enemy Mine” had a tumultuous start, with production hurdles that included the dismissal of the original director and extensive reshoots that expanded the budget considerably. Despite its initial stumble at the box office, the film eventually won the hearts of many and was commemorated for its powerful message of understanding and respect, securing itself as a respected piece of science fiction cinema.

“Enemy Mine” was inspired by a novella from acclaimed sci-fi writer Barry B. Longyear, first appearing in “Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction” magazine in 1979. Awarded the illustrious Nebula Award for best novella that year, the story set forth a trilogy that would be collectively known as “The Enemy Papers.”

As of now, no producer or director has been announced to spearhead the updated adaptation. However, Matalas’ preceding exploits in the sci-fi television genre—creating and showrunning the “12 Monkeys” TV series and having a significant role in revamping the “MacGyver” reboot—underscore his aptitude for imaginative storytelling and visionary leadership.

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Matalas’ achievements with “Picard” did more than revive a fading series; they secured his status as a craftsman of epic sci-fi narratives, earning him a recognition by the Writers Guild of America. While his concepts for a “Star Trek: Legacy” will not further materialize, his influence has caught the attention of influential figures in the industry, including Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Steve Asbell of 20th Century Studios. Matalas is now set to take charge of a Marvel Television series about The Vision slated for Disney+ release in 2026, and his undertaking of “Enemy Mine” marks his first film project since “Picard.”

His impressive track record, endorsed by agencies like CAA and Anonymous Content, has set expectations high for the revitalization of “Enemy Mine.” With the powerful narrative already in place and Matalas’ proven expertise, audiences may soon witness a new rendition of a sci-fi classic—one that bridges the decades and brings its timeless message to a new generation.


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