The People’s Mario

Amazing flash animation of "Communist Mario". (originally from this site:

Wiimote Controlled WiiBot

Watch in amazement as this full sized robotic arm is controlled by a Wiimote to play some tennis and then wield a sword!

The Wii Laptop

Click through for a lot more images and video. Detailed instructions for "How To" will be forthcoming on the site. 16:9 widescreen LCD, 7-inch diagonal. Stereo sound Gamecube controller…

Robots Galore @ CES

Be sure to follow the links for video of each robot in action! Roboboa: It’s a dancing robot snake with cool lights and moves its’ body in time to…

Wii Saber

We've seen the MacSaber, we've seen the DarwiinRemote, now behold the ultimate in nerddom: the WiiSaber. Just like you'd expect, the WiiSaber combines your erratic Wiimote-sensed arm motions with those…