Robots Galore @ CES


Be sure to follow the links for video of each robot in action!



It’s a dancing robot snake with cool lights and moves its’ body in time to music.

It is also a futuristic alarm clock.

It acts as a room sentry that can track motion in the room while holding it within its’ spotlight.

Act as a funky disco speaker for an iPod.

It will have a remote control and you can program up to 40 individual movements into it.

(Rumor) It will have mount points on its’ body for hackers to play with and be able to fire soft projectiles as it strafes a room.



It can identify motion at a distance of about 10 feet. Once identified it can pursue the moving object

It is a four legged robot with a chassis that is designed to move easily in any direction.

The Roboquad’s main theme is fast movement in nearly any ground based direction and it is capable of 3 speeds of movement

The Roboquad is react quickly to it’s environment.

It has a strange little head that can sweeps the room with a tightly focused infrared beam

The Roboquad can even identify the sizes of objects

It is sensitive enough to detect the fine details in it’s environment like the edges of doorways.

It is expected to hit store shelves in fall of this year (2007) and to retail for a little above $100. (Editor’s note: so did the Roboreptile and by the time Christmas hit, the average street price was $59 with Amazon having large scale sales for $35!



It will retail for about $229

It is about 20 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches front to back and weight about 8 pounds

It will display mood specific behaviors, but more complex than the Roboraptor

Has ultra-quiet motors, barely audible to the human ear

With it’s tilt sensor It will be able to sit, crawl, walk on all fours, roll over and give you a hug

It has 8 eight touch sensors, a pair of stereo audio sensors, and the usual infrared sensors for tracking objects

It is not expected to come with a remote but they also said that about other robots like the Roboreptile which does have one

Flytech Dragonfly:


Flaps its wings like a bug and does not use propellers for main thrust

Flying time on a single battery charge is about 10 minutes. Unlike the other WowWee robots the battery can be recharged using the bug’s internal charger

The remote control uses six AA batteries and is also used to recharge the bug which takes about 15 minutes

It can be used indoors or outdoors and has an approximate range well over 100 feet.

The controller has two modes, one for beginners and experts. A good guess is that in expert mode you have more control over the nuances of flying the bug than you do in beginner mode, but it is probably harder to fly.