Tatiana Maslany Cast in Osgood Perkins’ New Horror ‘Keeper’


– Tatiana Maslany, known for She-Hulk and Orphan Black, has been cast in ‘Keeper,’ the next horror film by director Osgood Perkins, who is also working on the yet-to-be-released film ‘Longlegs.’
– ‘Keeper’ revolves around a couple’s anniversary weekend at a remote cabin, where the character Liz, played by Maslany, encounters an evil force after her partner, Malcolm (played by Rossif Sutherland), unexpectedly leaves.

Our appetite for the eerie and macabre is set to be further indulged by the talents of Osgood Perkins, with news breaking that his impending feature, “Longlegs”, is still veiled in mystery ahead of its theatrical release. The upcoming film, teeming with unsettling vibes and a cast featuring both Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage, has already piqued public interest without divulging its intricacies. This aura of secrecy only heightens the anticipation for the fear-inducing experience that awaits audiences.

In a move that reflects his unwavering commitment to the genre, Perkins is already marshaling forces for his subsequent venture, according to an announcement from Deadline. The forthcoming film goes by the name “Keeper” and is poised to showcase the formidable Tatiana Maslany, known for her dynamic portrayals in “She-Hulk” and “Orphan Black”, along with Rossif Sutherland, who brought intensity to “Possessor”. The backing of the production is equally compelling, with Neon securing the rights to a script penned by Nick Lepard.

Exploring “Keeper’s” narrative, we’re transported to a chilling scenario where a romantic anniversary getaway at a remote cabin turns sinister. Liz (Maslany) is left in isolation as Malcolm (Sutherland) unexpectedly departs for the city. It is in this solitude that Liz encounters an unspeakable terror, uncovering the grim history enshrouded within the cabin. This premise alone offers a haunting sketch that promises to tap into our deepest fears of abandonment and entrapment, as well as the unknown that lurks in isolated places.

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