A24 Retools ‘Friday the 13th’ Series Without Bryan Fuller


– Bryan Fuller is no longer participating in the A24 and Peacock television series “Crystal Lake,” a spinoff of the Friday the 13th franchise, as the project undergoes retooling.
– Despite Fuller’s departure, A24 remains committed to developing the series, with efforts to find a new showrunner and maintain the project as an expanded prequel to the original films.

Recent developments have stirred a whirlwind of bewilderment around the anticipated “Crystal Lake” TV series—a venture revisiting the “Friday the 13th” universe. The initiative marks a collaboration between indie powerhouse A24 and the streaming service Peacock, with Bryan Fuller, renowned for his captivating work on “Hannibal,” initially at the creative helm. Rumors abounded that A24 had ceased production, yet the reality is an evolving creative process occurring in the background.

Questions swirled among horror enthusiasts and industry watchers alike as speculation about the show’s fate grabbed headlines. Breaking his silence, Bryan Fuller turned to Instagram to provide insight and clarity. The revelation was bittersweet: although Fuller’s involvement had come to an end, A24 persists in seeing the “Crystal Lake” project through to fruition.

On social media, Fuller articulated the intricacies of adapting iconic horror content, acknowledging both the necessity for inventive evolution and the pressure to meet the viewers’ entrenched expectations. With a nod to his prior success in reinterpreting “Hannibal,” he conveyed deep pride in the achievements made despite the hurdles encountered alongside co-showrunner Jim Danger Gray and their talented team of writers.

Fuller’s post expressed respect toward the decision by A24 to pivot directions with the material, professing hope that the eventual reimagining would resonate with “Friday the 13th” aficionados globally. The search for a new visionary to steer the series is now underway, heralding the next chapter in the saga’s televised transformation.

In 2022, Peacock greenlit “Crystal Lake” for a straight-to-series production, pitching it as a comprehensive prequel to the film series that chilled generations with tales of masked madman Jason Voorhees and his mother, Pamela. The envisioned A24 series was set to include veteran “Friday the 13th” actress Adrienne King in a recurring role.

Fuller was poised to contribute as writer and executive producer, collaborating with Victor Miller, the screenwriter credited with the original slasher hit, and a team of producers including Marc Toberoff, Rob Barsamian, and A24 itself. Even Kevin Williamson, who left his mark on the horror genre with works like “Scream,” was expected to pen an episode.

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As industry players and fans alike await what’s next for “Crystal Lake,” Fuller’s candor emphasizes the delicate balance of staying true to source material while pursuing innovative storytelling. His statement summons a beacon of optimism that with new leadership, the series might yet embody the terror and allure of its predecessors.

The narrative of “Crystal Lake” continues, marked by change and anticipation. As the search for a new showrunner signals a delayed but persistent journey forward, the legacy of “Friday the 13th” appears steady in its course, adapting yet enduring in the unrelenting stream of pop culture. Despite transition and departure, the show’s essence—the spine-chilling lore nestled in a fictional lake’s murky depths—promises to forge a renewed connection with fans, paying homage while crafting fresh avenues of fear.


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