Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PC Launch: No PSN Needed for Singleplayer


– Ghost of Tsushima is set to release on PC on May 16, 2024, and will not require a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to play its single-player story.
– A PSN account is necessary for accessing the multiplayer Legends mode and the PlayStation PC overlay for trophies and additional features.

Ghost of Tsushima, a widely-acclaimed 2020 action-adventure game set in feudal Japan, is crossing the platform borders as it makes its much-anticipated arrival on PC on May 16, 2024. The game’s allure since its initial PlayStation release has captured the imaginations of countless players who eagerly journey through its expansive and cinematically resplendent landscapes. Culminating in the immersive experience of the Director’s Cut, the island of Tsushima is about to welcome even more warriors to its shores.

Ahead of this seminal release, Sucker Punch Productions, the studio behind the game, announced a pivotal update regarding player accessibility. For those venturing into the game’s single-player narrative, there will be no requirement to create or link a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. This decision stands in stark relief against recent controversies, where other titles have faced backlash for mandating PSN accounts for gameplay on non-console platforms. In a proactive move, Sucker Punch has set clear expectations, securing a smoother transition from console to PC gaming for their fans.

However, it is important to note that players will need a PSN account to access the Legends multiplayer mode. This companion to the main game introduces a cooperative arena where players can engage in a series of missions, combat tide after tide of adversaries and even band together to surmount daunting raid challenges. The PSN account requirement also extends to using the PlayStation PC overlay, which is necessary for those looking to earn trophies and utilize other PlayStation-related services.

These announcements come on the heels of a controversy involving PlayStation’s requirement, later retracted, for Helldivers 2 players to link their PSN accounts with their Steam profiles. It seems the feedback from the community has not fallen on deaf ears, and Sucker Punch is attempting to preclude any similar response by clarifying their stance in advance. It’s a delicate balance, attempting to integrate PlayStation’s network benefits while respecting the autonomy of PC gamers.

Ghost of Tsushima first launched on PlayStation 4, painting the violent beauty of samurai warfare against a palette of political discourse and personal vendettas, followed by an enhanced Director’s Cut for PlayStation 5. This edition, poised for PC release, will include all the content that has been introduced thus far, including the Iki Island expansion which offers even more story and challenges.

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For newcomers to the title, the Director’s Cut offers a treasure trove of content – engaging storytelling, an engrossing open-world environment, and meticulously refined combat sequences that honor the samurai tradition. Gaming publication Game Informer, among other critics, has extensively praised the game for its epic storytelling and dynamic gameplay.

Venturing into the mythic landscape of Tsushima on PC is an exciting prospect for gamers worldwide. With the technical specifics and platform requirements now clearly outlined by Sucker Punch Productions, players can set their expectations and prepare to immerse themselves in one of the most revered gaming experiences of recent years.

As the winds of change blow across Tsushima, drawing near the advent of its PC debut, it fosters a renewed dialogue between gamers of all platforms. Engaging in the solitary pilgrimage across its historical expanse or forging alliances in Legends, Ghost of Tsushima caters to all forms of virtual heroism. As the date approaches, with strategy and katana in hand, gamers globally anticipate their upcoming adventures on the island where legends are both forged and fulfilled.


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