Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes star in ’28 Years Later’ sequel directed by Danny Boyle


– Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes are set to star in the upcoming sequel “28 Years Later” directed by Danny Boyle.
– The film will be written by Alex Garland and is intended to be the second installment in a trilogy of films for Sony.
– Cillian Murphy, who starred in the original film, will serve as an executive producer for the new film.

The announcement of the sequel to the hit film 28 Days Later, titled 28 Years Later, has generated significant buzz in the entertainment industry. With a star-studded cast including Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes, along with acclaimed director Danny Boyle at the helm, fans of the original film are eagerly anticipating the next installment in this post-apocalyptic zombie series.

Directed by Boyle, who also directed the original film back in 2002, 28 Days Later was a critical and commercial success that helped breathe new life into the zombie genre. The film’s unique take on the infected, fast-moving zombies set it apart from other offerings in the genre, and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since the release of 28 Weeks Later in 2007.

Returning to write the script for 28 Years Later is Alex Garland, the original film’s screenwriter. Garland’s talent for crafting compelling, character-driven stories with a science fiction twist is sure to bring the same level of tension and excitement to the new film. With plans for 28 Years Later to be the second installment in a trilogy, fans can look forward to a deepening of the lore established in the previous films.

In addition to Comer, Taylor-Johnson, and Fiennes, the production team behind 28 Years Later is a powerhouse of talent. Producers Andrew Macdonald, Peter Rice, and Bernie Bellew are joined by executive producer Cillian Murphy, who starred in the original film. This experienced team is sure to deliver a film that lives up to the high expectations set by its predecessors.

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Outside of their work on 28 Years Later, the cast members have exciting projects in the pipeline. Comer is set to star in the period motorcycle drama The Bikeriders, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Taylor-Johnson’s upcoming film The Fall Guy is eagerly awaited by fans of his diverse filmography, while Fiennes continues to impress audiences with his recent work in The Menu and No Time to Die.


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