Capcom’s Resident Evil Remake and RE9 Rumors Intensify


– Capcom is rumored to be working on a remake of the original Resident Evil set for release in 2026, aligning with the franchise’s 30th anniversary, featuring a slower pace and tougher zombies including the Crimson Head enemy from the 2002 remake.
– Resident Evil 9 is also rumored to be in the works, centering around Leon Kennedy in Southeast Asia with a potential announcement expected in the summer ahead of a possible January 2025 release date, though details may change as Capcom remains silent on the matter.

Capcom’s Resident Evil Remake and RE9 Rumors Intensify

Fans of the iconic survival horror franchise “Resident Evil” are abuzz with anticipation as credible whispers suggest that Capcom, the powerhouse behind the series, is on the verge of reimagining the game that forged the path for this beloved saga. The speculation about a new incarnation of the original “Resident Evil” game coincides with the enduring success of “Resident Evil Village” and the recent “Resident Evil 4” remake, which have successfully invaded players’ screens and asserted their dominance in the gaming market over the past year.

The essence of these speculations is being fueled by internet sleuths and insiders, one of which includes the recent disclosures from a user known as PRE_Alarabiya. Their revelations have been substantiated, at least partially, by the veteran industry informant DanielRPK through his Patreon channel, coupled with inputs from Biohazard Declassified on YouTube. The hypothetical project forecasts a 2026 release for the original “Resident Evil” makeover, a timeline that synchronizes impeccably with the series’ 30th anniversary milestone. Interestingly, they cite evidence stretching back to early 2023, providing a longer trail of breadcrumbs for the enthusiastic community to follow.

Corroborating their assertions, reports have surfaced claiming that this upcoming reinterpretation of the “Resident Evil” experience will invoke a more deliberate and contemplative pace, harking back to the ambience of the “Resident Evil 2” remake. Each opponent, the relentless and unforgiving zombies, will sport individualized models—an artistic choice catering to the typically sparse enemy distribution in the game. Zombies are expected to be more resilient, demanding an increased expenditure of firepower to halt their advance. Additionally, this remodel is anticipated to re-introduce the dreaded Crimson Head nemesis and feature the modern over-the-shoulder camera perspective that contemporary versions of the series have adopted.

Simultaneous to the remake conjecture, the rumor mill is also spinning out threads related to “Resident Evil 9”. Sourced tidbits infer that the protagonist for the beginning of this impending installment may be the well-known Leon Kennedy, with an intriguing backdrop set in Southeast Asia in the simmering heat of 2025. This detail comes with the caveat that the protagonist’s role is liable to evolve as the storyline unfolds—a sentiment underscored by the esteemed Dusk Golem, who also notes that these details have been circulating since post-Capcom’s November 2020 cybersecurity breach. According to their insights, an unveiling of “Resident Evil 9” could coincide with the sweltering months of summer, aligning with game launches with a proposed January 2025 target, although they concede that the date might drift to the following year.

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While Capcom maintains an enigmatic silence surrounding this furtive “Resident Evil” enterprise, the gaming community is poised for potential revelations as the 2024 Summer Game Fest looms on the horizon, promising an exposition that could unearth definitive information regarding these speculations.

The effervescent mix of nostalgia and innovation that these rumors evoke is a powerful lure for “Resident Evil” aficionados. Assuming these whispers reflect reality, the return to the origin, where hallowed corridors first echoed with the moans of the undead, paired with a bold new chapter, could be a celebration of a rich history and a thrilling future—a prospect that keeps the pulse of the “Resident Evil” community racing with exhilaration.


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