Hayley Atwell and Sean Bean Join Forces in ‘Rogue Trooper’ Adventure from ‘Warcraft’ Director


The announcement of Duncan Jones’ “Rogue Trooper” movie heralds a new chapter in the adaptation of the beloved comic series. With the creative force behind “Moon” and “Warcraft” at the helm, expectations are high for this animated feature, set to breathe life into the war-torn world of Nu-Earth. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5, the film promises a visual feast, aiming to capture the grim beauty of its source material, the 2000 AD comic series. The casting of Hayley Atwell and Sean Bean adds gravitas to the project, signaling a blend of stellar voice talent and cutting-edge animation.

Jones’ adaptation does not merely aim to retell the tale of a genetically engineered, blue-skinned soldier seeking vengeance; it seeks to expand the universe of 2000 AD beyond the shadow of “Dredd,” its most recognized emissary to date. The project’s ambition is evident in its choice of technology and talent, aiming to deliver a narrative that balances the depth of its comic book origins with the spectacle expected of modern sci-fi cinema. The excitement among fans, particularly those familiar with the Rogue Trooper’s legacy, suggests a hunger for more stories from this universe, with calls for adaptations of other 2000 AD characters like the A.B.C. Warriors echoing through fan forums.

As “Rogue Trooper” moves from concept to completion, its reception may well determine the future of 2000 AD adaptations. We shall see when it lands sometime in 2025.


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4 Responses

  1. Amber Wallace says:

    Sean Bean will be dead before it’s over.

  2. Landyn Fisher says:

    blue is cool

  3. Bradley Stephenson says:

    been a long time since moon. does he still have it?

  4. Ronnella Fresl says:

    hayleys a bae

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