Horror Reimagined: David F. Sandberg Directs Until Dawn Movie


The latest buzz surrounds adapting the critically acclaimed horror video game “Until Dawn” into a full-fledged movie. This development, a joint venture by PlayStation Productions and Screen Gems, part of Sony Pictures Entertainment, signals a continued trend in adapting video game IPs into film and television formats.

Helming the project is Swedish director David F. Sandberg, renowned for his work in the horror genre with titles like “Annabelle: Creation” and the superhero flicks of the Shazam series. The original script penned by Blair Butler, known for “Polaroid” and “The Invitation,” isn’t a good sign, but at least it’s undergoing revisions by Gary Dauberman, whose portfolio includes the Annabelle trilogy, “The Nun,” and “It Chapter Two.” Screen Gems describes the project as an “R-rated love letter to the horror genre.”

“Until Dawn,” released exclusively on PlayStation in 2015, is lauded for its branching narrative and incorporation of movie and television actors, including Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere. While there’s no confirmation on whether these actors will reprise their roles, fans of the game and the horror genre eagerly anticipate the film adaptation.

Sandberg’s directorial journey, beginning with horror and branching into superhero films, adds an intriguing layer to his return to the horror domain with “Until Dawn.” This adaptation is part of a larger initiative by PlayStation Productions, which has been adapting various game IPs into films and series, including the “Uncharted” movie, “The Last of Us” TV series, and the upcoming “Gran Turismo” movie and “Twisted Metal” show.

As gamers and cinephiles alike await this cinematic journey, one thing is clear: the boundaries between video games and movies are not just blurring—they are being redrawn, inviting us to experience storytelling in unprecedented, thrilling ways.

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3 Responses

  1. Hazle says:

    no chance

  2. Brigitte Gordi says:

    bad horror story

  3. Bobbie Mori says:

    the original story was a bit weak so hope they fix it, and keep the raccoon!

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