Louis Leterrier to Direct Sci-Fi Horror Film ‘11817’


– Director Louis Leterrier is set to direct and produce a new sci-fi horror film titled 11817, currently in the casting process, that revolves around a family trapped indefinitely in their house by mysterious forces.
– The film will be co-produced by several companies including Carrousel Studios, Rocket Science, Thank You Studios, Chernin Entertainment, and 3 Arts Entertainment, with CAA Media Finance handling North American sales.
– The production team includes Thomas Benski, Omar Sy, Lars Sylvest, Kori Adelson, Oly Obst, Thorsten Schumacher, and Joe Neurauter, with Cecile Gaget as an executive producer.

Renowned director Louis Leterrier, whose films have amassed a staggering billion in global box office revenue, is ready to set the screen ablaze yet again with his new venture – a science-fiction horror film called, ‘11817’. Recognized for his exemplary work in cinematic masterpieces such as Fast X, Transporter, Clash of the Titans, and The Incredible Hulk, Leterrier is also on board as a producer for the film.

Pending the casting process, 11817 was written by Matthew Robinson and will be showcased by Rocket Science at the famous Cannes Film Festival. Rocket Science is not only presenting the film but also financing it along with Leterrier’s Carrousel Studios, Thank You Studios, Chernin Entertainment, and 3 Arts Entertainment. Encouragingly for the American market, CAA Media Finance will be responsible for handling the North American sale of the movie.

11817 has an intriguing plot that is likely to pique the interest of science-fiction horror fans. The story unfolds around a family that finds themselves inexplicably trapped in their own home, surrounded by invisible, enigmatic forces that don’t let them leave. With no indication as to when they might be freed from their situation, they combat their rising fear and dwindling resources, propelling a gripping narrative of survival against unseen adversaries.

Teaming up with our acclaimed director-producer are a host of accomplished producers comprising of Thomas Benski, Omar Sy, Lars Sylvest, Kori Adelson, Oly Obst, Thorsten Schumacher, and Joe Neurauter. Adding further weight to this star-studded lineup is Cecile Gaget, who is appointed as an executive producer.

Holding an illustrious portfolio of grand-scale films, Leterrier’s talent in storytelling through dynamic visuals and compelling narratives has held audiences captive worldwide. His association with a film project of this scale only raises anticipation about the cinematic greatness that 11817 could achieve.

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Represented by CAA and Entertainment 360/LBI, Leterrier is regarded among the industry’s most formidable filmmaking talents. On the other hand, scriptwriter Matthew Robinson, aligned with CAA and 3Arts, brings his prodigious talent for crafting engaging narratives, making the Leterrier-Robinson collaboration a highly anticipated endeavor.

As we anticipate 11817’s launch, the big question marks surround who will be cast in this movie. Whoever secures these roles will carry weighty expectations, as they bring to life a script penned by Robinson and navigate a mysterious, gloomy world conceived by Leterrier. But one thing seems certain – with Louis Leterrier overseeing each frame – thrilling suspense, brilliant visuals, and breathtaking performances are all but guaranteed.


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