Slow Horses Season 3 Review: A Gallop Ahead in the Spy Genre!


“Slow Horses” has galloped steadily into the spotlight, and its third season proves no exception. With a blend of wry humor and gritty spy drama, the series continues to defy the genre’s norms, offering a unique take on the world of espionage.

Season 3 of “Slow Horses” maintains the series’ reputation for subverting expectations. The so-called “Slow Horses,” a band of disgraced MI5 agents relegated to Slough House, are far from your typical suave spies. They are the misfits and screw-ups, yet their unorthodox methods and deep humanity breathe fresh life into a genre often mired in clich├ęs.

Gary Oldman, as the irascible Jackson Lamb, leads this band of unlikely heroes with a hilariously acerbic and deeply nuanced performance. His leadership, riddled with sarcasm and unexpected wisdom, drives the narrative forward, starkly contrasting the polished operatives of traditional spy dramas. This season delves deeper into the characters’ backstories, enriching the narrative with layers of complexity and emotion.

Gone are the glamorous locations and high-tech gadgets, replaced by the dreary offices of Slough House and the gritty streets of London. This grounding in reality, coupled with the show’s willingness to delve into the moral ambiguities of espionage, sets it apart from its peers. The plot of Season 3, tight and twisty, weaves through a labyrinth of intrigue and betrayal. It creates a sense of urgency and danger while injecting humor into the darkest situations. This delicate balance is a hallmark of the show, and it’s executed with a finesse that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats yet chuckling along the way.

“Slow Horses” season 3 is a triumph of storytelling, blending humor, heart, and suspense in an entertaining and thought-provoking package. It’s a reminder of the power of character-driven narratives in a genre often dominated by action and spectacle.

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RATING: 4.5 out of 5.

Slow Horses season 3 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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  1. Sean R. says:

    dude is so gassy and i luv it

  2. Rojbin Tablo says:

    this is def the best season

  3. wikus says:

    cant wait to watch. flying through the 2nd season now

  4. Ti ES says:


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