Super Mario RPG Switch Review: A Timeless Classic Reimagined


Few evoke the nostalgic charm and innovative fusion of genres quite like “Super Mario RPG” for the Nintendo Switch. Once a groundbreaking collaboration between Nintendo and Square, this 2023 remake bridges the gap between the iconic platformer and RPG realms with a deft touch, capturing the original’s whimsy and humor while navigating the challenges and expectations of a modern audience.

Right from the start, the remake is a visual feast, transforming the 1996 clay-doll aesthetic into something almost tangible. The new visuals bring the Mushroom Kingdom and its realms to life, allowing players to practically feel the fluffy clouds of Nimbus Land and the heat of Pipe Plaza’s lava. This graphical overhaul, supervised by Yoko Shimomura, is also accompanied by a rearranged, dreamy soundtrack​.

However, this visual and auditory glow-up, while impressive, comes with its own set of challenges. The switch from chunky pixels and a dark color palette to smoother, Disney-esque visuals has slightly altered the game’s tone. While the original’s moodiness is replaced with a lighter, more family-friendly atmosphere, it’s a change that will inevitably spark debate among purists and new fans alike​​.

The game’s combat system, a hallmark of the original with its timing-based attacks, remains largely intact but has been tweaked for accessibility. While these changes, including adding an exclamation mark to signal the timing for attacks, make the game more approachable, they also inadvertently reduce its difficulty. This ease of play might be a boon for newcomers but could leave veterans longing for the original’s challenge​​​​.

Narratively, “Super Mario RPG” retains its light-hearted and comical tone. The story, a simple but engaging romp through the Mushroom Kingdom, is filled with quirky characters and humorous dialogues. From the inclusion of Mallow, the cloud who thinks he’s a tadpole, to Bowser as an unlikely ally, the game doesn’t stray far from its roots in delivering a narrative that is both entertaining and accessible to all ages​​​​.

The game’s regions and enemy designs are another highlight, offering varied landscapes and creative foes that maintain the Mario series’ signature blend of whimsical danger and charm. Players traverse through different regions, each with its own distinct environmental and enemy design, ensuring a fresh experience throughout the game. These regions are filled with secrets and collectibles, rewarding exploration and adding depth to the world​​.

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The Switch remake of “Super Mario RPG” is a careful balancing act of preserving the original’s soul while adapting to modern sensibilities. It’s a game that will resonate with fans old and new, offering a delightful mix of nostalgia, innovation, and accessibility. While it may not surpass the original in every aspect, its charm, humor, and polished gameplay make it a worthy addition to the Mario RPG legacy.

RATING: 4.0 out of 5.

Super Mario RPG is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Blinker says:

    Brings back so many childhood memories. I think they did a great job reimaginging it for the new console. Only wish they had more save ponts.

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