Gen V Review: Where Teen Angst Meets Superhuman Responsibility


“Gen V” emerges as a curious anomaly; a spin-off of the critically acclaimed “The Boys,” this Amazon Prime series takes us into the lives of the next generation of superhumans, or “supes,” as they navigate the complexities of adolescence, identity, and power. But does “Gen V” manage to escape the gravitational pull of its origin series to become its own celestial body in the superhero galaxy?

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From the get-go, the series plunges us into a world that’s as unsettling as it is fascinating. Marie Moreau, a young supe grappling with her newfound abilities, serves as our entry point into this universe. Her character arc, filled with moral quandaries and existential dread, offers a fresh lens through which to explore the ethical dimensions of power. While “The Boys” took a sledgehammer to the superhero industrial complex, “Gen V” opts for a scalpel, dissecting the psychological toll of being extraordinary in a world that both reveres and fears you.

However, the series often suffers from narrative indigestion, cramming too many subplots and themes into its episodes. The result is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don’t always fit, leaving viewers to wonder what could have been if the show had exercised a bit more narrative restraint. It’s also not as clever as its progenitor, The Boys, focusing more on the drama of its characters’ internal lives vs. higher stakes fare.

“Gen V” doesn’t shy away from tackling issues such as racial inequality, gender fluidity, and the pernicious influence of social media on self-worth. While occasionally heavy-handed, these thematic forays add layers of complexity that elevate the show above mere genre fare.

While it can feel a bit like Marvel’s ’90s comic series “Generation X,” “Gen V” serves as a mirror reflecting our current societal anxieties vs. that snapshot of an era. It’s a show that’s still finding its footing, but its ambition and willingness to grapple with uncomfortable truths make it a series worth watching.

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“Gen V” is a series that both enchants and frustrates. It’s a narrative labyrinth filled with thematic riches, but one that could benefit from a clearer roadmap.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5.

Gen V is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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