The Twins aka Yeokjeon-ui myeongsu

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What an atrocious piece of shit. I started scanning after 30 minutes to shots of So-yi Yoon. But not even her beauty could save this. The
script is a complicated mess about polar opposite twins, a revenge plot, a jealous ex-girlfriend, and a couple of suicides over the educated
lawyer twin’s subpoena. This film should be noted for being way too dark for a romantic comedy/comedy of errors. One of the twins has a
relationship with a prostitute who ends up being killed. With more nudity than the average Korean film. It’s like two different films in one… and not in a good way. It comes across as bad writing instead of experimental writing.

I don’t know why So-yi Yoon took this film. Thankfully it didn’t ruin her career. No extended text here. Waste of my effing time.