Barbie’s Greta Gerwig to Direct Netflix’s Chronicles of Narnia Films


In a significant turn of events, Netflix has confirmed the attachment of acclaimed filmmaker Greta Gerwig to direct at least two adaptations of “The Chronicles of Narnia,” the treasured series penned by C.S. Lewis. This confirmation comes after a whirlwind of speculation regarding Gerwig’s involvement in the beloved franchise, revealing Netflix’s considerable confidence in the director.

Netflix's Chronicles of Narnia

Greta Gerwig, renowned for her roles both in front of and behind the camera, has been making waves in the cinematic industry over the past few years. She achieved directorial acclaim with her debut film, “Lady Bird,” which garnered five Oscar nominations. Her subsequent adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” further cemented her standing in the industry and earned another Oscar nod. Known for her keen eye and distinctive storytelling, Gerwig is quickly becoming a force to reckon with in Hollywood.

Gerwig’s burgeoning directorial career is on an upward trajectory, with her involvement in high-budget filmmaking projects showing her penchant for adaptations. Her anticipated “Barbie” movie, a collaboration with Noah Baumbach starring Margot Robbie, is already making headlines, and now with the “Narnia” project, she continues to broaden her artistic horizon.

Gerwig’s ascendance in the world of cinematic direction has been carefully curated. As noted by her agent, Jeremy Barber, Gerwig’s ambition is to become a significant studio director. The “Barbie” project is just one part of this larger career plan, resonating with her on a personal level. However, Gerwig has made it clear that she’s unlikely to direct another feature based on a toy. This gives her a unique one-off chance to intertwine an iconic doll’s universe with her directorial touch.

The revival of “The Chronicles of Narnia” on Netflix holds immense significance. The 2018 deal with The C.S. Lewis Company marked the first time that a single company had acquired the rights to all seven “Narnia” books. This gives Netflix an unprecedented opportunity to introduce the captivating world of Narnia to a new generation, beyond the limited adaptation previously undertaken by Disney and Fox.

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The “Narnia” series is noted for its timeless appeal, resonating with audiences across generations and geographies. As stated by Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, the world of Narnia, including the universally loved character Aslan, has won over many families worldwide. With Gerwig’s involvement, Netflix hopes to unlock the full potential of this beloved franchise, further solidifying its position as a premier platform for adaptations of iconic literary works.


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