Netflix Confirms Sequel to Cult Horror Hit ‘Circle’


– Netflix’s horror film “Circle,” which originally premiered nearly a decade ago, is set to receive a sequel named “Circles,” focusing on the survivors of an alien invasion’s psychological warfare 17 years on.
– While the original film involved 50 strangers forced into a deadly scenario by an unseen force, the sequel’s plot and casting details remain largely under wraps, with original actor and producer Michael Nardelli returning for the project.

Netflix Confirms Sequel to Cult Horror Hit ‘Circle’

The digital era has breathed new life into a slew of horror flicks and cult classics, allowing them to frighten and captivate new audiences. One such movie that carved its niche in the horror genre is Netflix’s “Circle,” a gripping film that presented a dire conundrum where 50 strangers faced the grim reality of a life-or-death scenario dictated by their choices. Now, a decade later, the spectral shadow of “Circle” is set to spread once more with the anticipated arrival of its sequel, “Circles.”

The original “Circle,” released nearly ten years ago, set itself apart with a unique storyline that avoided confusion with similarly named films and shows like “The Circle.” Instead, it plunged viewers into a chilling narrative where it wasn’t just the ominous surroundings responsible for the demise of characters, but the people themselves in a disturbing twist on human nature and survival instincts.

Fast forward to the future, Michael Nardelli, a name that resonates with fans as both the face of character Eric and a driving force behind the production, is set to join creative energies with producer Brent Stiefel and writer-actor Devon Graye to construct the narrative edifice of “Circles.” Absent from the upcoming project are Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione, the original writer-directors who laid the groundwork for the franchise.

Drawing a veil over the specifics but teasing the connective tissue between the films, “Circles” is set to follow the traumatized survivors of the initial ordeal some 17 years later. Now, they are against the backdrop of a new menace, likely intertwined with the alien invasion that provided a jaw-dropping revelation at the conclusion of the first film. One can envision Eric and fellow survivors converging, their past nightmare binding them as they confront burgeoning threats of likely extraterrestrial origin.

The cast for this horrific reunion remains shrouded in mystery at this juncture. However, for those eager to steep themselves in the oppressive atmosphere of “Circle” before the sequel arrives, the film is available for streaming on Netflix. It could grant critical insights or at the very least, prepare the uninitiated for the psychological and visceral thrills that “Circles” is sure to deliver.

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Fans and horror aficionados alike may see this resurrection as a nod to the resilience of cult horror films that withstand the test of time. Through streaming platforms like Netflix, they reach new generations and, in rare cases, get the chance to expand upon their lore, adding lustrous new strands to the intricate narrative web they weave for a dedicated following eager for more spine-tingling tales. While “Circle” was a closed narrative of desperation and dire choices, “Circles” promises to reopen old wounds and question the very notion of survival when facing an otherworldly onslaught. The anticipation builds as we await further unveilings about the return to this nightmarish saga.


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