Star Amandla Stenberg Claps Back at Racist Backlash with Song


– Amandla Stenberg, actress from Disney+’s “The Acolyte,” responds to racist backlash with a self-made music video and song, challenging her detractors to dance to her tune within 72 hours of its release.
– Amidst contentious debate over elements of the show, such as claims of “lesbian space witches” and review bombing that contrast with its 85% critic approval on Rotten Tomatoes, Stenberg directly addresses misinterpretations of her past comments on race in her lyrics.

The creative realms of television and music have collided in an unprecedented way, sparked by actress Amandla Stenberg’s innovative response to prejudiced animosity targeting Disney+’s show “The Acolyte.” The star has taken a stand by crafting a song accompanied by a self-produced music video, an assertive choreography of both melody and movement, to hit back against the racially charged vitriol she has received.

Amandla Stenberg, known for her role in “The Acolyte,” unveiled this artistic counterattack on Instagram, setting not just a defiant tone but also issuing a challenge—give an answer through dance within 72 hours. This captivating convergence of cultural celebration and pointed social commentary dropped on Juneteenth, a powerful nod to the ongoing journey toward equality and justice, but it has yet to receive any response.

The rest of the lyrics of Stenberg’s song promise to be a poignant critique of the struggles faced and overcome by the black community. This multi-talented artist has used her platform to confront the hate directly, turning a weapon aimed at her into a tool for empowerment and truth-telling.

Star Amandla Stenberg Claps Back at Racist Backlash with Song

Tracing back to the origin of the outcry, “The Acolyte” is not only a brand-new entrant to the revered “Star Wars” universe but also a milestone with Leslye Headland at its helm—the first openly queer person to direct a live-action iteration of the saga. With Stenberg portraying twins Osha and Mae Aniseya, the narrative unfolds a century prior to the events of “The Phantom Menace.” Despite garnering critic acclaim and a promising start on Rotten Tomatoes, the show has seen its audience score plummet, due to poor storytelling, questionable directorial decisions and a lackluster cast.

Further fueling the firestorm is a heated debate that goes beyond creative choices, discussing issues such as representation and cultural sensitivity. Commentary around “lesbian space witches” and misconstrued statements from Stenberg’s past interviews have added to the show’s turbulent reception. Yet, amidst this maelstrom, Headland’s reflective tone in a recent interview emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and the emotional weight attached to the project.

In her song, Stenberg revisits the notorious quote from her 2018 interview, casting a spotlight on the twisting of her words and intentions. She draws attention to the media’s role in amplifying controversies and calls out the irresponsible handling of information. What emerges is a vivid portrayal of the turmoil and resilience inherent in the fight for social progress. Her verses dismantle the misuse of “woke” by those opposing social justice, underscoring the term’s true essence as consciousness in the face of prejudice.

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Her rhetoric spirals further, cutting deeper into the heart of suppression and the insidious effects of not confronting the harsh realities of oppression. Her message is a stark reminder of the cycles of pain that have afflicted marginalized communities, and the imperative to break free from them.

Through her counter-narrative, Stenberg stands in solidarity with those who defy bigotry and inequality. Her music is not just a retort but a rallying cry for awareness and the relentless pursuit of empathy. This powerful display of artistry and advocacy combined demonstrates the potency of creative expression as a means to confront and challenge injustices.

In focusing our attention on how Amandla Stenberg has wielded her craft as both armor and sword, one can’t help but recognize the unyielding spirit of an artist refusing to let hatred define her narrative. Her actions are a clear indictment of the fear that fuels racism and a beacon to all who seek to dispel the shadows cast by ignorance and bigotry through the luminous power of truth and creativity.


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