300: Rise Of An Empire Review – FOR SPARTA!!


300 Rise Of An Empire

While not as good or as revolutionary as its predecessor, this prequel/sequel/side-story has enough action, boobs and violence to make any boy happy. The story is fairly straightforward, without any real twists or turns, but it’s all there to move us from one slo-mo fight sequence to the next one. Actors and characters are largely forgettable, outside of Eva Green’s Artemisia. Even the big bad Xerxes is just a bit player in the whole production.

I should have watched the original 300 before this one, as I hadn’t seen it since theaters, but as a nitpick, the digital blood kinda bugged me. Sure, it was probably intended as artistic, but just seemed a little off. Perhaps this is the same as in its predecessor, up to you how you feel about things like this.

Some lazy CG aside, it was nice to be back in the 300 world, though it felt a little dated.


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