Munger Road Review – Wasting My Time And Yours


Caught up with a film from 2011 called Munger Road. Inspired by a urban folklore tale about a paranormal event that happens out on… wait for it… Munger Road, I wish I could say more about the story but this movie is complete junk. It’s the Seinfeld of movies, in that it’s about nothing. Nothing happens, nothing is explained, nothing is interesting, and ultimately, when the movie ends, you’ll feel nothing. Actually, that’s a lie; you’ll feel cheated and angry.

The basic plot follows these 4 teenagers as they head to Munger Road to see if they can get ghosts to push their car off the train tracks. It’s said that years ago, a school bus of children died when a train hit them, so now people experience a paranormal event there. There’s also a side story where two cops are trying to track down an escaped convict. Those two statements are true, that is indeed what is supposed to be happening. But the twist here is that the cops find nothing, I mean, literally nothing, and the teenagers sorta-kinda-somewhat die but we’re never sure how or why. And the worst part, and yes I’ll spoil the whole dang thing right now, but the worst part is at the end, the cops are confused by a very stupid twist that’s introduced. But they have the camera of one of the teenagers and someone says something like, “Well, let’s see what really happened…” and then we cut to “TO BE CONTINUED.”

TO BE CONTINUED??? Like I’d see another 10 mins of your garbage??? Writing about this movie is as much a waste of time as watching it, but hopefully I’ve done my service here. Horribly boring, adequately acted and just empty. Stay far far away. Or watch the trailer and live your own life. I did my part!

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