Interactive Screenplay from Edgar Wright’s HOT FUZZ!



Here is the wonderful “Hot Fuzz” screenplay illustrated via a thoroughly immersive, 243-page, feature-laden, interactive goodness, courtesy of the good folks over at Moviefone!

“Moviefone is giving you an exclusive first look at the interactive screenplay for “Hot Fuzz.” Featuring never-before-seen notes and storyboards, behind-the-scenes video, outtakes, and way more information than your human-sized brain could ever retain, there’s enough “Cornetto” goodness in this virtual doc to keep even the most certifiable completists occupied for hours.”

Once you’re done with “Hot Fuzz,” check out the interactive screenplay for “Shaun of the Dead” — if you haven’t already, that is!

“The World’s End” hits theaters Friday, August 23.


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