Edgar Wright in Talks to Direct Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella Remake


– Edgar Wright is in negotiations to direct a remake of the classic film Barbarella, with Sydney Sweeney set to star and the screenplay potentially written by Jane Goldman and Honey Ross.
– Production for the Barbarella remake won’t begin until after Wright completes his current project, The Running Man, indicating anticipation for the film to be a significant release for Sony.

The entertainment landscape buzzes with anticipation as news surfaces about the possible directorial leadership for the ambitious remake of 1968’s iconic film, “Barbarella.” The science fiction universe is brimming with excitement at the prospect of acclaimed director Edgar Wright steering the helm of this project. Wright, with his distinctive filmography that includes celebrated works like “Shaun of the Dead,” “Baby Driver,” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” is rumored to be in discussions with Sony to bring a fresh vision to this beloved space adventure.

Adding to the pre-production dynamism, the screenplay is potentially being crafted by Jane Goldman and Honey Ross, with their writing pedigrees backed by gripping narratives from “The Kingsmen: Secret Service” and the recent “X-Men” franchise movies. Their combined creative forces signal an engaging and possibly revolutionary take on the story of “Barbarella.”

The original “Barbarella” left a lasting impact on pop culture with its blend of science fiction and sensuality, largely due to Jane Fonda’s magnetic performance as the spacefaring heroine. The film, which drew inspiration from a French comic book series, navigated the adventures of its protagonist as she sought to thwart the nefarious Durand Durand. Amid the journey, she encountered an array of amorous encounters, most notably with the infamously salacious Exsexsive Machine.

Sydney Sweeney, known for her compelling performances, has already been cast in the much-coveted titular role for the remake, leaving fans and media pundits speculating about the direction the new adaptation will take. Will it retain the original’s unique blend of eroticism and humor? Or will it morph into a more modern, perhaps more empowered or satirical, iteration of the character and her odyssey?

The project teases an event on Sony’s calendar that has the potential to scale blockbuster heights, a grand revival of a story that has fascinated audiences for more than half a century. However, this voyage into rebooted territory isn’t quite ready to launch. Edgar Wright first needs to complete his current project, the adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Running Man,” starring Glen Powell, before embarking on this galactic saga.

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Anticipation mounts as the details of the “Barbarella” remake remain cloaked in mystery, igniting curiosity over its eventual narrative direction, its visual style, and, of course, the assembling of its stellar cast. This potential collaboration could fold into a new cinematic legacy, bringing “Barbarella” back into the constellation of contemporary science fiction storytelling.

With the news of potential production still sparkling on the horizon with only its brightest stars named, the industry and fans alike await further announcements with bated breath. What is certain is that the prospect of Edgar Wright’s directorial finesse paired with a story as rich and playful as “Barbarella” offers the thrilling promise of a reimagined classic ready to bewitch a new generation of film aficionados.


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