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Bullet To The HeadSylvester Stallone has always been one of the greats. Sure, he may have stumbled here and there when he asked people to stop or his mom would shoot, but for every Judge Dredd, we got a Demolition Man. Recently, there’s been a Stallone resurgence. Rambo ROCKED, and even if Expendables didn’t live up to its hype, it still was great to see action movies like that made again. So now Stallone returns to the vengeance thriller, backed by veteran director Walter Hill, for BULLET TO THE HEAD, now in theaters.  Cybergosh and I saw the film last week, and took way too long to upload this podcast, but in an EG first, we disagreed on the end result!  Who liked it, who didn’t??  Tune in to see.

Highlights include:

  • Inevitable comparison to Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand
  • The triumphant return of Christian Slater
  • Bonus commentary on J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII directing announcement
  • A special shout out to Movie 43

Let us know what YOU think, and if you see the movie, share your thoughts as well.

Listen to the BULLET TO THE HEAD movie review podcast:


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