Rocky Balboa – Worth Seeing?

I have to admit, all this time leading up to the release, I thought Rocky Balboa was a big joke. Who cares? What story is left to be told? Stallone is no longer interesting… and then I caught the trailer before Casino Royale and I’m a changed man. First, the crowd went bananas… they’re hungry for another Rocky (though ANOTHER Rocky after this one, I’d find hard to believe), and the story is a good one (the “can the old fart beat the pro?” scenario), and strangely enough, playing that character makes you forgive the Sly guy for his last decade of transgressions (and there have been MANY missteps). Want more? See the trailer for yourself in anticipation of his December release into theaters.

1 Response

  1. cybergosh says:

    I, for one, cannot wait!  But will the Russians cheer him again??!!