‘This Book Will Change Your Life!’ (…but only for 2 more nights)


Terrible News Just In: Josh Gad departs ‘The Book of Mormon’ June 6.

Tony-nominated actor Josh Gad will depart the Tony-winning production of The Book of Mormon on June 6, according to the actor’s Twitter page. Gad is leaving to star and co-executive produce the new NBC White House comedy 1600 Penn. No announcement has been made about who will replace Gad as Elder Cunningham in what is the greatest Broadway musical of all time.

Oh, and it gets worse: Gad’s co-star Andrew Rannells is also expected to depart the production on June 10.

Don’t take this news lightly. If you have not seen this on Broadway and have had any desire to see this — this is the time. I’m sure whoever replaces Josh and Andrew will be great, the show is such a classic that it’ll still be the best thing out there… but Gad and Rannells’ pair of mismatched missionaries are to this show what Broderick and Lane were to The Producers, and that’s putting it lightly. These two guys have created such memorable characters, who are such a joy to watch, it honestly defies what you’ve previously thought was capable of being done live on stage each night. In my opinion this show can never be the same and there are many people in my life who I feel sorry for right now, folks that put off seeing this show for the year they’ve had the chance to discover the greatest new original piece of entertainment in decades — whether it be Film, TV or the stage.

Let’s all start praying to Eebowai for Trey & Matt to get the feature film going — and have Gad and Rannells return to Uganda on the big screen so all those who missed out get the chance to experience the magic, and all of us who enjoyed it can again!

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Thanks Josh and Andrew for 15 months of classic, mint-condition, chill-inducing awesomeness. And Hasa Diga Eebowai for letting it all come to an end.

Source = Broadway.com


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