Little Shop of Horrors: The Complete Original Ending


By now you know of the infamous alternate ending of 1986’s LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. It’s been uploaded onto YouTube a couple of times (someone even went the extra mile and used existing material to reconstruct and complete the audio). Now, BreadCrustCouncil was cool enough to upload the high quality, single-part upload. This ending cost $5 million to produce, and no wonder, the puppetry and miniature work is some of the best ever put onto film.

Says the YouTube description, “Because this is workprint-sourced, there’s incomplete special effects and audio, and because of the weak film stock it was printed on, it’s faded to black-and-white. This ending made it’s way onto the 1998 two-sided Special Edition DVD release, which angered producer David Geffen, who demanded Warner Bros. withdraw the DVD and take the ending off. When the DVD was reissued a few months later, the entire second side containing additional deleted materials, a promotional making-of, two trailers, and TV ads was completely gone. That original pressing is now incredibly rare and goes for upwards of $300 on auction sites. It’s been suggested that David Geffen has a color copy of the ending and wants it to see the light of day in a completed form, possibly even cut back into the film for a re-release.”

And word on the street is that a color version with this ending will indeed see the light of day in 2012! An MPAA ratings update mentioned ‘Little Shop of Horrors: The Intended Cut’ as an ‘Upcoming Home Video Release’! We just hope there is a theatrical run to celebrate the release, as this would be great to see on the big screen with the original dark ending amongst fellow fans of the mean green mutha from outer space!

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Want to see part of it, peek here:


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