So What’s The Deal With Vader In Star Tours: The Adventures Continue?


MDhuff and I raced down to Anaheim in the wee hours of last Friday morning – the destination, of course, was Disneyland for their Star Tours “Early Departure” event. While both of us give the upgrade a generally favorable review, the attraction’s prequel re-do is not perfect. Since we have only taken one spin on the new (or, old, depending on how you look at it) Starspeeder 1000, it would be unfair to talk about some of what we felt was lacking. However, I would like to discuss a topic that seems to be generating some talk. (Spoilers ahead…)

For our first experience with this new incarnation of the classic Tomorrowland attraction, we began with Darth Vader. It was instant AWE as the first moments of the ride unfolded in crystal clear digital projection before our eyes. Needless to say, if Martin Lawrence was on board, he’d no doubt shout, “This shit just got real.” So while our brains were processing just REAL everything looked, we were dealing with being caught in a full pull by Vader. And swarms of Stormtroopers closing in as Vader was shouting, “Do not underestimate my power!”

Now, it has been known for some time that Anthony Daniels has reprised his role as 3-3PO for this attraction. It recently became more and more known that Frank Oz had also come back to give voice to Yoda. But here was Darth Vader, going on about how he wants the rebel spy aboard our ship, and… well… yeah… it kinda sounds like Vader… or does it? I mean, is that James Earl Jones? Or is it whatever dude came in to voice Vader in the Star Wars video games when they couldn’t meet James Earl’s price? This was the biggest question on our minds when we left Disneyland’s front gates last Friday afternoon.

Well – look at what we have HERE. There it is folks, your official answer. Darth Vader really IS DARTH VADER in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

Although, like Duran Duran’s Reflex, the answer leaves me with a question more…

Darth Vader’s voiceover was recorded by the original actor. It was also great working with Anthony Daniels and Frank Oz, who reprised their roles as C-3PO and Yoda respectively.”

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Why can’t they name James Earl? If they print his name do they owe him more money? Or perhaps it is David Prowse doing the voice! Just joking. While I’m glad it is in fact James Earl Jones – I suppose his getting on in years have caused this Vader voice uncertainty. Which is kind of ironic, considering we have the oldest aged Jones recording dialogue for the youngest full-on Vader in action. Yes, he gave voice to the infamous “Noooo!” scene in Episode III’s final moments — but it is here – in what Disney is calling Episode III.V, that is the first time in the Star Wars timeline we are seeing Vader in full on bad ass mode.

Well, enough about Vader! I need to go back this Friday and see me some good ol’ Wookie Rage on Kashyyyk!!!


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