Beetlejuice 2? “Maybe,” Says Burton!


After 26 years, it seems there is a chance for The Ghost With The Most to reappear to us mortals! In an interview with MTV, Tim Burton said, “I love that character, and Michael [Keaton] is so great in it. I always think about how great and fun that character was, so I just said to [Vampire Hunter writer] Seth [Grahame-Smith], ‘If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I’ll look at it freshly.’ In the past, I tried some things, but that was way back when. He seemed really excited about it.”

Burton is currently producer on Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the writer seems to have his heart in the tight place in his take on the return of Betelgeuse, stating that the star of the movie had to be Michael Keaton in a true continuation of the original story 26 years later.

What we really have to worry about is a potential third film, after all, you know what happens when you say his name three times!


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