Alice In Wonderland Trailer – One Day Early!

While I still miss the old days of experiencing trailers like this on the big screen where they belong, these days I’ve given in. When you have the chance to get a first glimpse into one of the most eagerly awaited films of next year a full day before it makes its debut in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center tomorrow, you really can’t pass that up, can you?

This is everything I wanted and more out of this project, with the “more” being Crispin Glover! There are definitely going to be two camps for this one — those of you who are tired of the Burton/Elfman/Depp realm and those who cannot get enough and wish every film was directed, scored and performed by the trio. For me, a film like this is pretty much the reason why I will never kill myself.

March 5th, 2010 in IMAX 3D!!

Fancy Gentleman.