‘Captain EO’ Comic Book In 3D


In honor of the 34th anniversary of Episode IV, I was looking for something Lucasy to post that wasn’t necessarily Star Wars-related. Well, thanks to Disney and More, we can all “Change The World” with the Captain and his ragtag band on our computer screens, thanks to their upload of the entire 1986 3D comic book tie-in, which is awesome, and certainly does not infect our world with its presence.

Says the site, “…here is for everyone the 30 pages of the Captain EO souvenir edition and yes, they are in 3D. All what you need is a red and blue 3D glasses like the one below, whether the one you have are in cardboard or plastic. If you have some at your home, it’s time to find them to enjoy the 3D article on your computer screen. And believe me, the 3D effect is great!”


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