Proof of an Alternate Universe? With Terrible Taste?


On the TV show Fringe there exists an alternate reality in which Michael J. Fox never donned Marty McFly’s iconic vest. We know this because in one scene there’s a movie marquee in the background advertising Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz, the original Marty before being replaced by Fox in THIS universe.  It was a winking hint of more weirdness to come till they had to focus on the marquee for several seconds, running it into the ground, practically screaming “GET IT?”  We get it Fringe, thanks.

Well, a glance at my local 99-cents store’s wallet selection proved Fringe might be on to something, especially since Alternate Universe folks are apparently not ones for subtly.

I like to think Avatar vs. Halloween 2 is just James Cameron and John Carpenter (fuck outta here Rob Zombie) in a room, discussing their writing process.  As for the Land of the Lost/Avatar mash-up, let’s hope it includes the Danny McBride/Sigourney Weaver  tail syncing scene we’ve all been waiting for.


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