“TRON: The Next Day – Flynn Lives Revealed”


YouTube userrrrr “antovolk” has leaked the first of the two fabled TRON 3 teaser videos from the forthoming DVD and Blu-ray. “The Next Day” explains the origins of the Flynn Lives organization, the mysterious figure who was in charge of it, and what happens after Sam Flynn decides to take over ENCOM at the end of TRON: Legacy!

The second TRON 3 teaser is reportedly a hidden Easter Egg in the DVD/Blu-Ray and will reportedly feature Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr. — But that’s fine, I can wait, this is more than enough to process at the moment. This feeling that I am feeling right now… these emotions… this is what it’s all about. This is the feeling. Right now. Pure AWE.




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2 Responses

  1. mdhuff says:

    Are you sure this is real? Parts of it looks a little fakey. A fan film?

  2. Mr. Noc says: