TRON: UPRISING Composer On The New Music of The Grid


After orchestrating Daft Punk’s score for 2010′s “TRON: Legacy,” Joe Trapanese (who also scored the amazing “The Raid: Redemption”) is taking on the music for Disney XD’s epic animated series “TRON: Uprising.” Trapanese spoke a bit last weekend about his new score for the show.

Since the events of the show take place between 1982’s TRON and 2010’s TRON: LEGACY, the question on everyone’s mind was — will we hear any of Wendy Carlos’ original TRON themes in the series?…

“We still have eighteen episodes ahead of us,” said Trapanese. “We’re going to be bringing in some Wendy Carlos influences down the line. The plan was to take musical styles from the film (Tron: Legacy), then slowly open our musical palette.”

While it initially sounded promising that we’d get to hear some of those original melodies, Trapanese elaborated that, as of now, we won’t be hearing the original main TRON theme. “As of now we are keeping Tron uprising one hundred percent new material. We want to let (the films) live on their own.”

As for whether fans can expect a physical soundtrack release of Trapanese’s new themes for the series, the composer is hopeful: “Our goal is to create a score that connects with the audience. If the story connects with people, I think we have a chance at a (soundtrack) release.”

You can catch a taste of Joe Trapanese’s Daft Punk-influenced score for “TRON: Uprising” now by downloading the prelude episode “Beck’s Beginning” from iTunes RIGHT HERE!


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