Sandy Kane Winning, Naked Cowboy Losing


The Naked Cowboy has lost his case against Sandy Kane, better known as the original Naked Cowgirl, according to “Metro New York.” Kane, who I once had the honor of managing for approximately 20 hours or a bit less, can continue to walk around Times Square with her pasties intact.

Robert Burck, who has branded and created a franchise out of his Naked schtick, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Kane last year, alleging that she had to pay him royalties for calling herself the Naked Cowgirl and donning a get-up similar to his own well uniform that includes cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, underwear, and an acoustic guitar. Burck had sought $5,000 in royalties from Kane. But according to “Metro New York,” the duo reached a legal settlement last month and under the agreement Kane won’t have to pay the Cowboy a dime.

In an interview last year, Burck stated that he found Kane’s street act rude and unwholesome because she apparently flips people the bird and uses foul language. He said he tried to get her to clean up her act and come into the official “Cowboy” fold as a franchisee. When she refused, he slapped her with the lawsuit.

Under their February agreement Kane will continue to perform as the Naked Cowgirl.

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  1. Donk Land Cruiser says:

    When reached for comment Will Smith said “I like white girls in cowboy hats.”