ANOTHER Warcraft Expansion!?


It’s coming!

Level 75 cap! No new zones, but plenty of new quests, and the ability for Alliance to play Tauren and Horde to play Gnomes.


3 Responses

  1. Fat Ass says:

    You could tell from the tone of this article that the guy is just bitching, right? No new expansion has been announced.

    This is the problem with online “journalism.”

  2. Eros Welker says:

    At first, I wasn’t so sure… especially as it was presented more as fact versus fiction by our overzealous Junky.

    However, a line like this kinda seals the deal. wink

    “To be honest, we just get a kick out of watching players spend countless hours of their lives trying to obtain something that amounts to about twenty polygons and a low-resolution bitmap texture,” said one Blizzard employee before returning to counting his money stacks and laughing demonically.

    I fully expect them to unleash a new class in the next expansion, if not two (one for each side, but most likely one that’s shared between Horde and Alliance), as well as a whole new area (under the sea?).  Cap will most certainly be 80, at a minimum.. and we’ll be playing that this time next year, if we’re lucky.

  3. Junktape says:

    No it’s true!  I swear on the life of the new Hobbit Director!