‘FLYNN LIVES’ Up To Something Again…


FROM MOVIEVIRAL.com: “After weeks of Internet viral activity, the Tron Legacy viral campaign hits the streets once again. We are only 16 days away from the big release and now the two-year viral campaign is coming to a close. The FlynnLives website has been updated with a message saying “The Final Countdown” has begun. If players manage to figure out the cryptic puzzle they will be taken to a new page.

The site takes you to flynnlives.com/gygax/ where you are to solve a difficult puzzle (aren’t these puzzles always difficult though?) containing two large pentagons and six smaller pentagons. Fortunately the people over at unfiction forums have solved the puzzle and it revealed a new website flynnlives.com/digitalpulse/.

As a reward for solving the cryptic puzzle the website unveiled a new 16 city viral marketing campaign and a countdown leading up to December 8th, what this campaign has in store for us is still unknown, but you can be sure that the movieviral team will be out on the field for this huge update. The site also contains a flyer for Kevin Flynn’s book tour that has been revised for 2010. If you still wanted to solve the puzzle, wikibruce says you have to apply the difference effect in order to match the patterns.

“We need an operative on the ground in every city that Flynn visited. There is important evidence there, and we’re tracking down every shred of it.” Be sure to check back here at movieviral or at flynnlives.com/digitalpulse for any updates concerning the Tron Legacy Viral Campaign.”

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Thanks, Movie Viral!


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