‘Tron: Legacy’ Soundtrack 1 Week From Tomorrow


Last weekend Disney unveiled parts of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Five of the 22 tracks were previewed, and director Joseph Kosinki was on hand to give the inside scoop on Disney’s collaboration with Daft Punk.

KCRW’s Jason Bentley was an instrumental part in connecting Tron’s creators with the French duo Daft Punk, which led to the much-hyped, controversial soundtrack. Kosinski personally persuaded Guy-Manual de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter to create the score.

Head over to OC Weekly for some little known fun facts surrounding Daft Punk and their Tron project.

To celebrate, Pedestrian.tv is giving away five Tron: Legacy prize packs which will include a limited edition glow in the dark Daft Punk poster, a copy of the soundtrack as well as an in season pass to see the movie with your closest friends. To win, tell us what you wished glowed in the dark. Email answers to ashley@pedestriangroup.com.au – good luck!

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