Level Up Your Scott Pilgrim Blu-Ray !

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The good folks over at Slash Film have scanned their signed Scott Pilgrim blu-ray’s and uploaded for all of us to slip over our own covers. In addition, they have the infamous 8-bit inspired cover to print as well!

Head over here and start printin’ !

And, if you haven’t had time to dive into the 17+ hours of extras on this blu-ray – you are so dumb – fo real. Best blu-ray ever created.

Oh, and head over HERE, where OC Weekly has a good run down of every video game reference in the film.

And one last thing – for those of you who think my seeing the film 14 times in theaters is crazy – check out this awesome dude! 34 times! He has earned the power of self-respect! Another awesome person who I wish I was friends with!