Meet Mervyn. You’ve seen him before. Whether it was during one of his weekly D&D game nights with pals Cecil, Jesse and Greg…

…or waiting outside a theater for the next big event film to start…

…chances are that Mervyn has already worked his way into your heart.

Today, Mervyn shares his current thoughts about TRON: Legacy and two of its stars…

“Why are you even here? It didn’t say there was anything ‘after the jump.’ Stupid.”

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

One thought on “Mervyn and His Thoughts on Tron”
  1. I’ll be at Tron’s opening night too Mervyn, I’ll be the Donk Land Cruiser, running you the f*ck over and backing over you a few times to make sure you can’t make any more videos like this.

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