Mervyn and His Thoughts on Tron

Meet Mervyn. You’ve seen him before. Whether it was during one of his weekly D&D game nights with pals Cecil, Jesse and Greg…

…or waiting outside a theater for the next big event film to start…

…chances are that Mervyn has already worked his way into your heart.

Today, Mervyn shares his current thoughts about TRON: Legacy and two of its stars…

“Why are you even here? It didn’t say there was anything ‘after the jump.’ Stupid.”

Fancy Gentleman.

1 Response

  1. Donk Land Cruiser says:

    I’ll be at Tron’s opening night too Mervyn, I’ll be the Donk Land Cruiser, running you the f*ck over and backing over you a few times to make sure you can’t make any more videos like this.