Happy ThanksGRIDing


Scott Pilgrim’s drink of choice gets on The Grid with a new mobile iPhone location-based Mobile game, interactive cups, videos and more! Check out all the TRON awesomeness from COKE ZERO.

In other Thanksgivingy Tron news, Zack, one of the admins of the discussion board at Flynn Lives, posted a message on the main page:

Hey – Zack here, giving thanks to Flynn Lives & cranberry sauce.
Over the past two years, we have re-organized, re-energized and re-galvanized our search for the man who brought arcade culture to the mainstream – and we’ve gotten this far because of you.
So, take a moment to appreciate one another – we are all seated at the same metaphorical dinner table, and we’re almost ready for the main course.
Catch up with you next week, everybody!

There seems to be some sort of other Viral marketing going on today for SUPER 8 – you can read about it here, as JJ’s viral marketing campaigns tend to tune me out, being more frustrating than fun like the two year long Tron campaign. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without it!


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