‘Life’s Too Short’ Update!


THR — Following on from the success of their pilot show, “Life’s Too Short,” for BBC2, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are now working on a six-part series of the same name, to be filmed next year.

The award-winning creators of “The Office” and “Extras” have already begun writing six 30-minute single-camera episodes for the BBC’s in-house comedy division, and will make occasional appearances. Like the pilot, the series will center Warwick Davis, Britain’s pre-eminent little person actor who has appeared in such boxoffice hit franchises as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.” The observational comedy follows Warwick’s ups and downs and daily frustrations as he struggles to deal with life designed for people of a larger size.

“Third in our trilogy of TV sitcoms, Life’s Too Short is another naturalist observational comedy, dealing with everyday problems, human foibles and social faux pas… but with a dwarf,” said Gervais. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant will direct as well as being the executive producers. BBC’s Head of Comedy, Mark Freeland will also be an executive producer.


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