Warwick & Val Share Thoughts On A Willow 2!



MTV Movies Blog caught up with Warwick Davis a year ago and spoke enthusiastically about the potential for a sequel. A year later, on the red carpet for the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” last week, MTV again spoke with Davis about our shared hope for more “Willow” magic.

“I’ve talked to George Lucas about it and he said, ‘Well, we did consider a TV series at one point,’” he told us. “So if enough people keep talking about it, then maybe we’ll get something. But I’d love to do it. I’m older, I’m wiser now. I’d love to have another go back at the ‘Willow’ movie.”

And don’t miss THIS awesome minute with Val Kilmer, who reflects back on the 1987 shoot, revealing what went on with all those little people when the cameras stopped rolling.


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