I say, is Gussie on about the Necronomicon again?


Once again A&E’s Hoarders has inspired, terrified, and shamed me into picking up this place a bit, but luckily upon going through the layers of things not put away for years I found something far better than a decomposing..something.  Buried in a box of old Spy magazines (miss you, Spy) was the book  “Scream For Jeeves,” an H.P Lovecraft / P.G. Wodehouse mash up. I remember buying it in college, and to my surly Gothic Anglophile  heart there could be nothing better.  Here we are 15 years later, and you can’t swing a dead Hoarder cat without hitting Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – I wonder if the author of  Scream for Jeeves, Peter H. Cannon,  is banging his head against the wall somewhere, seeing these puds selling tons of books and getting movie deals.  I just wanted to say to you, Peter H. Cannon – I know you did it first, and you did it better.


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  1. Peter H. Cannon says:

    Thank you. In 2011, Subterranean Press will be bringing out a collection of my stories, FOREVER AZATHOTH, which will include the three “Wodecraft” tales.